Salto SF promotes and supports acrobatic and performance arts by providing affordable rental space to community members who will join us in offering access to knowledge and skills for a healthy and active lifestyle to all genders, ethnicities, physical abilities and sexual orientations to practice without discrimination

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Salto SF!

Salto SF is fiscally sponsored by Independent Arts & Media, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to building community through media and the arts. All donations made to IAM to support Salto SF are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Salto SF relies on grants, individual donations, and corporate matching partnerships to fund our programs.  

Prefer to donate by check?

Please make your check payable to “Independent Arts & Media,” with “Salto SF”  in the memo box and mail to:

Independent Arts & Media

P.O. Box 420442 San Francisco, CA 94142

By making a donation, you will be supporting the following projects:


  • Support for festivals and workshops that promote training in injury prevention, social justice, community enrichment, health education, racial justice, gender equality in the arts, and more!  

  • Below-market studio rental fees that support underserved populations

  • Scholarship and artist-in-residence programs for underserved and underrepresented populations and those in financial need

  • Additional state-of-the-art equipment needs for the gym and access to high-level coaches


  • A gift of $750 will fully fund a free workshop for the community on shoulder health for the circus acrobat by a licensed physical therapist

  • A gift of $1500 will provide a scholarship for 2 students for a year of open training at Salto SF

  • A gift of $3000 will provide a new set of weight-training equipment for Salto SF

  • Dream big!  Tumble tracks, air pits, more points, more lines, more local festivals and events!!!  A gift in the $10,000 range can help make these a reality!