In March 2019, Dominik Wyss, an acrobatics and fitness coach and the organizer of Cayuga (a movement and training space for performers), Teri Wing, an accomplished contortionist and coach; Ariel Mihic, a long-standing acrobatics teacher, marketing manager and community advocate; and Sarah Kim, a recreational acrobat with a background in Social Work and 20 years of nonprofit management and program development, joined together in equal partnership to envision and create a new movement and training space.

At Salto SF we understand that movement, art and health services are essential for the vitality of a community. We don't believe the traditional practice of a centralized entity controlling every part of a gym is the best way forward. Providing the community with a safe, clean and relaxed space but respecting the individuality and independence of various service providers is empowering. Having a small group of owners and service providers versus a centralized corporate management system is more flexible and agile, and therefore faster at meeting the needs of the community. We aim to preserve and revitalize the movement arts culture of the Bay Area by offering an affordable space for all.