Resources for the Circus Community

While the Covid 19 requirement of physical distancing has changed the ways in which we are able to interact with our community, it certainly has not impacted our care and support for our community. We have been amazed and inspired by the ways in which our communities, our colleagues, friends and loved ones have ALWAYS rallied together and especially during this time.


We collected the different resources that people have been offering to support to all the coaches, gig workers, performance artists, and movement community through the pandemic and have them organized here for you as you need it. 

Salto SF Founders Speech.jpeg

Click HERE for a link to collected resources of emergency grants, small business loans, general resources and informational links. If you know of other resources or are organizing other resources that you would like to add- please contact us and we will update this list. 

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed and these lists feel insurmountable? Send us a note here to schedule a time. Salto SF Co-founder Sarah Kim will offer you a listening ear, walk you though the lists and support your decisions.